One of Vélo Charlevoix main objectives is to develop the access to the region for the practice of off-road cycling, elevating it to a top-level biking destination that’ll distinguish itself and leave in awe its visitors. Sentiers Vélo Charlevoix pursues this goal by initiating and designing projects that are reachable, sustainable and vectors of enhancement for the regional community.

We have acquired a lot of experience and a solid expertise by first developing a network of single track trails that stretch more than 20 km amidst the slopes lining Camping Le Genévrier, private grounds where riders of Club Cycliste de Charlevoix train and athletes of MTB Quebec/Canada Cups, amongst others having taken part in the numerous elite level races produced there by Les Grands Rendes-Vous Cyclistes de Charlevoix, compete.

More recently, the creation of Les Mines de Saint-Urbain mtb park along with the implementation of Sentier Haute du Gouffre project’s two phases, a 30-km linear shared-use (off-road cycling/hiking) lining the upper reaches of du Gouffre river, enriched this hard-earned expertise and solidified this know-how. Vélo Charlevoix is also the instigator and manager of another mtb trail centre project, this one located at Le Domaine des Cimes, an amazing property belonging to Fondation de l’Hôpital de Baie-Saint-Paul.

The efforts of Vélo Charlevoix towards the development of the access to the region for the practice of off-road cycling take many forms : consultation, conception, design, building, maintenance, …

Another manifestation of this engagement in the community, Vélo Charlevoix produced a Master Plan for the implementation of a network of dirt roads, tracks and trails for the practice of off-road cycling within MRC de Charlevoix territory, a thorough analyze that targets, prioritizes, and guides the works towards the creation of this dendritic and organic network taking advantage of the unique patchwork of natural/cultural wonders Charlevoix has on offer and…highlight it!

In a vision to get as many cyclists as possible riding in Charlevoix, and to help Charlevoix become a cycling destination, several centers have teamed up to offer an annual pass including: Domaine des Cimes, Les Mines and Le Genévrier.

A Domaine des Cimes page is forthcoming. See Trailforks for trail information!

Don’t forget to get your annual pass or your daily access before accessing the trails. Thank you for your patience!